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The Future of Guidance Management in Clinical Research

PenThu Pilot Program

PenThu® Pilot Program is designed to allow study teams the opportunity to deploy PenThu® with all its functionalities in an entire project at a highly discounted rate.

Launch your project with PenThu® Pilot Program and offer your teams a cost-efficient opportunity to realize the power of PenThu®.

PenThu® is an innovative communication platform that constitutes an arterial link between medical monitors, project managers and operation team members. Its driving function is to provide answers to questions and guidance requests received from site monitors and other members of the study team in a harmonized and fully automated environment.

PenThu® allows site monitors and other study team members to search existing answers and recommendations using keywords and phrases with the means to fine-tune results using project-specific categories and subcategories. When needed, team members can request new guidance. Submitted question and requests are automatically directed to the responsible members of the study team.

The digital round-table environment within PenThu® allows the responsible team members to deliberate the received question and provide an answer in a timely fashion. The answer is instantly made available to the wider study team via both the smart search function and a downloadable Q&A Log.

All of the steps from submitting a questions to publishing the established answers are automatically captured within the system and are used to provide the responsible members of the study team with various analytics, metrics and key performance indicators that support informative decision-making and CAPA.

In a nutshell, PenThu® is an intuitive communication platform enabling clinical study teams the means to smoothly provide relevant medical guidance and answers to received questions with minimal effort, saving time, energy and resources while maximizing knowledge, quality and transparency.

For a robust start, please complete the Pilot Program Request below or contact us for more information.


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