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The Future of Guidance Management in Clinical Research

Interactive Guidance Management System (IGMS)

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PenThu® Simulator Program
PenThu® Pilot Program

Transforming Guidance Management in Clinical Trials

PenThu®, the first Interactive Guidance Management System (IGMS) in the clinical research industry, is an intuitive platform enabling you the means to smoothly provide study guidance and manage guidance issues across multiple projects with minimal effort, saving: time, energy and resources. With the unique icon driven dashboard the IGMS enables you to stay on top of important issues and effortlessly navigate actionable items at a glance. PenThu® automatically prioritizes and classifies all guidance requests and questions minimizing time wasted sorting non-relevant communications. All guidance communications handled through PenThu® are automatically archived for download and review. With the customizable notification system, any urgent requests, actionable items, and updates are automatically sent by the IGMS to the designated team members ensuring timely actions.

Leveraging the Power of Knowledge

With PenThu®, the project-specific guidance repository instantly updates to ensure your team members always have at their disposal the applicable guidance information. Team members have the flexibility to securely access the IGMS on multiple devices ensuring the information needed is readily available. The user-friendly search function allows team members to search PenThu® using relevant keywords, and project-specific categories and sub-categories. When additional guidance is required, team members submit their questions in the IGMS for review. Each question is automatically sent to the designated team members for round-table deliberations within the IGMS. All proposed answers are routed to the designated team member for validation. Once validated the answer is automatically updated in the knowledge base and instantly made available project wide.

Maximizing Efficiency of Clinical Trial Management

As a global platform, PenThu® provides your team members secure access to the established study guidance repository while creating a transparent environment where a round-table of designated team members can promptly discuss, clarify and resolve guidance questions. Through the Interactive Guidance Management System (IGMS), medical groups can seamlessly interact with the operational teams maximizing information sharing, problem solving and issue management. The integrated start-to-finish data capture of issue handling and guidance processes in the IGMS ensures comprehensive documentation for download and review. To heighten team and project performance, PenThu® captures various metrics, analytics and key performance indicators to allow informed decision-making, resulting in overall operational and cost efficiency.

Nuts & Bolts


Customizable Projects & Users


Customizable Notifications


Intuitive Dashboard


Multiple Projects


Powerful Search Capabilities


Project-Specific Knowledge Base


Issue Resolution Thread


Downloadable Q&A Log and Guidance Documents


Analytics, Metrics & KPIs


Cloud-Based Platform


Security Conscious


Multi-Device Support

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Europital is an international Contract Research Organization (CRO) providing a full range of services during the clinical research and development phases for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device industries and for governmental and scientific Institutes.

With our scientific mindset, methodical approach and creative, science-driven solutions, each valued member of our Europital team is dedicated to deliver the highest quality services with a high sense of project ownership as we know that the scientific value of your results defines the return on your investment.

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